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Cryptowalk team

New App

Welcome to Cryptowalk! A new way to transform your healthy routine from steps to gains in crypto! We present a new app, safe, precise and innovative. Join our community! Lace up and let’s cryptowalk together!



At Cryptowalk we believe that the future is minimalist and light.  Following a simple and clear design line, we created a tracker capable of giving you all the necessary information, without additions, only what is important!  Keep track of your steps, your daily goal, your calories burned and, of course, your accumulated points for walking based on your account level.

Hold and Earn

Hey cryptowalker! Every effort is well rewarded! Our algorithm rewards not only the most active walkers, but also loyal CWALK holders! From here you can exchange your accumulated points for stable cryptocurrency and BNB! Our constant desire to continue innovating and evolving will lead us to continue developing new ways to reward our community, as well as adding new types of rewards. This is just the beginning of the race! See you on the street! Let’s cryptowalk together!


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